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I know, I know .... it took a long time until i gave you the chance to enter your entry in my guestbook. Even i needed it self to use it to give you always my latest news from China, Tibet and Vietnam, brand-new and burning-hot i served it. I really hope i could satisfy your high demands, i came up to your expectations and could stuff your knowledge with worthwhile information about China & Co. Now, after I have put travel-reports on my site for over 3 month and dreamed up till vakuum in my head, it's your turn. You get the chance to immortalize yourself into my guestbook. If you do so, you become a part of my homepage. Advices, tips, regards, criticism, impressions, own similar experience, hello-mentions from "on-my-trip-met-friends" and people or just a pretty good braise - everything is possible. Don't be shy to use your mother-language but don't forget the English translation! More than one entry is possible. Just one request: Write in a civilized way! So, then you can start. Start-up:


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